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March 9, 2008

Chaos as usual…

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latin-america.jpgThis past week we heard of some serious news coming from Latin America – Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador more specifically – and their disagreement on the action Colombia took to hunt down Raul Reyes, FARC’s second in command, who was actually killed. The whole problem was about the “arrogance” (if you will) of Colombia’s stepping on its neighbor’s territory, Ecuador, to hunt and kill Raul Reyes. I only say “arrogance” because that’s how it’s been put across by both Ecuador, the offender, and Venezuela, who just likes to stick its nose everywhere. I don’t particularly find that this was cause for much of discussion (Much Ado About Nothing comes to mind) because I think Colombia was legitimately after a serious “pest” and had the opportunity to kill it right then and there. Drug trafficking is not only Colombia’s problem and you would think that the other neighboring nations would be happy to hear the news…

I can’t quite understand the stance Ecuador and Venezuela took in reprimanding Colombia’s army’s actions… I can understand that the Colombian army was outside its territory, but for such an operation with significant proportions, things like that can be often overlooked or minimized. If anything, they all should be celebrating – one less drug lord to go after. To me, like anything else in Latin America, this unnecessary chaos sounds like a bunch of manchos, who can’t agree with one other, trying to measure who has the bigger you know what. It’s a show of power for nothing, but their own ego.

You can read about it here.


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