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March 13, 2008

Immigration in Ireland

illegal-immigration.jpg Don’t think the US is the only country with immigration problems… Recently, with the economic boom of many developing/emerging economies, such as China, Ireland and Brazil, these countries are also facing issues with legal and illegal immigration.

George-Jordan Dimbo, a 11 year old Irish citizen by birth, is facing possible deportation to Africa since his parents are undocumented immigrants from Nigeria.¬† Will it happen? Who is to say… on one hand, one is given citizenship at birth, but on the other, one is faced with the reality that one’s parents are illegal aliens breaking that country’s law. Needless to say, it’s a very delicate subject, with no short and right answers. I haven’t heard however the prospect of the Irish government giving at least an asylum status to many of its illegal immigrants who are faced in this position. That could be a starting point.

Ireland has become a truly multicultural country, with 11% of its population being native of a different country. Polish, Lithuanians, Latvians, Filipinos, Chinese, and even sub-Saharan people have flock to Ireland. Unlike the US and most of Europe, no major illegal immigration conflict has been found so far – the Irish seems to be a far more tolerant and considerate people. No anti-immigration parties, associations or laws.

Should be interesting to see what unfolds, and maybe it’s a good example from which others can follow.


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