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March 23, 2008

Iraq and the (Stolen) Oil

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iraq-oil1.jpg Seems like it’s not going as planned… at least in some aspects. The vast amounts of oil in Iraq was supposed to be used to rebuilt the country after Saddam devastated it, but it has been reported that some of the oil is been stolen by insurgents to fund their own civil war. From truckers being bribed to outright truck hijacking, as much as 1/3 of the oil is being diverted to the black market.

One interesting twist in this case is that the motivation of insurgents to steal the oil has less or little to do with Jihad ideology than with economical reasons. Not only is the oil being sold on the black market, but oil is also being held for ransom.

Is that one more thing we need to face in Iraq now? How much of this oil is supposed to be financing this war and is being displace in the black market for us to end up picking up the bill? This is not a war-caused problem anymore… Iraq is a country with very poor infrastructure, both physical and financial, and we’ll see more of this “vandalism” (call it survival tool, if you will) for many years to come. Nothing that the US can do will help much at this point…


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