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March 9, 2008

Haven’t We Seen Enough?

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Seminary Attack in IsraelAnd haven’t these people suffered enough?

Another killing in the middle east… it has become a thing of daily life it seems. I’ll never forget a classmate who once told me that gun shots and bombs were things “you get used too” in Jerusalem. Impressive! I can see his point, as I know too well how one can desensitize oneself from violence when one sees it on a daily basis.

But still, the question here is “Until when are these people going to fight?” The last bombing this March 6th was the first in four years of truce, and as of today no group has claimed responsibility for this act on a very significant religious seminar in Jerusalem. In all likelihood, this is a retaliation in response to the invasion of the Israeli army into Gaza that killed 110 Palestinians. However, the perpetrator was a Palestinian with Israeli citizenship and able to move freely in the country. In addition, his method of killing, guns instead of bombs, is no typical of Islamic groups.

Israeli authority and people will have an even tougher time if now Arab Israelis decide to become terrorists too. The light at the end of the tunnel, peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian State, has just begun to fade…


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