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March 11, 2008

Client 9

client-9.jpg Boy, what news today! Won’t the number 9 become history now? I quite don’t know what to think of this yet… my objective side thinks it’s a dumb mistake, incredible lack of judgment and extremely damaging action. Should we give him another chance? Perhaps. My “woman” side thinks he’s just another p%$#* and deserves no mercy. What was he thinking??? A man in his position, where public image is sacred, should never, never think about doing things like that… not while in office.

As of today we only have allegations of his involvement in the prostitution ring by means of soliciting a prostitute at a hotel where he was staying in Washington D.C. the night before Valentine’s Day.

His future as NY governor is very questionable at this point. Spitzer has had numerous backlashes in his administration and this won’t do him any good.

Way to go!


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